Terrifying CCTV footage shows the moment that a heroic bystander on a Sydney train station managed to pull off an incredible rescue just in the nick of time.

The video taken at Petersham train station shows a man standing on the edge of a platform late at night and leaning over.

But what the man doesn’t realise is that he is directly in the path of an oncoming train, which can be seen quickly approaching in the CCTV vision.

Thankfully, the bystander did and he managed to pull the man out of the path of the train just moments before he would have been hit.

Kieran Foley had been heading home from a night out in the city when the incident occurred, telling 9 News that it all felt like it happened in slow motion.


“I just remember grabbing him by the shoulders and pulling him back. Time slowed down,” he told 9 News.

But after making the rescue, the stranger went on to repeat his mistake on the other side of the platform, forcing Mr Foley to pull him back for a second time.

“I said, ‘Take a seat on the bench mate, and [sit there] until you feel better. And make sure you get home safe’,” he continued to tell 9 News.

Kieran’s quick thinking managed to stop a tragedy from occurring at the train station that night and save the man’s life.

“Absolutely shocked that he was within a split second of being hit by a 450-tonne train which would have been certain death,” said Sydney Trains chief executive Howard Collins to 9 News.

“So, an amazing effort done by that individual, an amazing split second reaction.”