We hate to break the news to you… but the cost of beer has gone up.

From Monday, the twice-yearly Consumer Price Index rise comes into effect, meaning draught beer will cost an extra 21 cents a litre and 30 cents a litre for stubbies, cans and longnecks.

Australians now pay the 4th-highest beer tax in the world, behind Norway, Japan and Finland, but compared to other countries of similar wealth, we pay the highest proportion of income.

Brewers Association chief executive Brett Heffernan told the Sydney Morning Herald that this comparison was “enough to make red-blooded Aussies weep” and is pushing for the government to ease the pain for beer drinkers.

He has proposed that the government increase the excise-free threshold on both draught and packaged beer, meaning a carton would be roughly $1.60 cheaper.

The government collected more than $3.6 billion in beer taxes last year and this proposal would cost the government about $250 million a year.

Mr Heffernan told the SMH that, for a government that is concerned with cost-of-living issues, it was an “affordable option.”


“Correcting our runaway and regressive beer tax regime is relatively quick, easy, cheap and long overdue,” he said.