Wales is leading the way in gender-neutral school uniforms, with the Welsh Government’s new statutory uniform guidelines to come into force from September 1.

This means that when a list of uniform items is published by a school, the items will not be assigned to a specific gender, therefore allowing students to wear trousers or skirts, regardless of their gender assignment or sexuality. In other words, a skirt will no longer be described as a ‘girls’ item.

The new statutory guide will also mean uniforms can be made affordable and easily accessible for lower socioeconomic classes.

From September 1, governing bodies will be expected to consider ways of cutting the costs of uniforms. This could include questioning whether it is necessary that a school logo is displayed on a shirt and if it is, they are provided free of charge. They will also have to consider whether there is a need for a ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ uniform.

At the moment, students are given 125 pounds by the Welsh Government to buy uniforms and other necessities through the pupil development grant. The new guidance for schools will also see Year 7 students entitled to a grant of 200 pounds to help with the costs of transitioning from primary to secondary school.

Do you think Australia should be thinking about implementing a similar type of statutory guide?