The driver of a station wagon that crashed into a Sydney hijab shop, injuring 14 people, has been released from police custody.

Police say the 51-year-old was taken to Liverpool Hospital and underwent mandatory testing before being taken to Bankstown Police Station.

He was interviewed by officers from the crash investigation unit and later released, police said in a statement early on Friday.

Security footage showed the wagon rear-end another car at traffic lights in Greenacre before racing through a busy intersection into Hijab House.

The incident happened about 3.10pm on Thursday, days out from the end of Ramadan.

At least two people inside the shop suffered broken bones.


Police said 14 people in total, including a 13-year-old girl, were treated at the scene.

They were taken to different hospitals with a range of injuries, none of them life-threatening.

Most of the injured were women aged between 18 and 36.

The reason for the crash remains under investigation and police are seeking witnesses.

They said the man was known for traffic matters, and there was no indication the crash was terror-related.