A Jetstar flight travelling from Sydney to Bali has been forced to turn around and land in Melbourne following mid-air chaos after the pilots noticed cracks in the windshield.

According to News.com.au, the plane took off from Sydney International Airport at around 5pm on Wednesday and had made it as far as the Northern Territory when the incident occurred.

The Daily Mail also reports that after about three hours of flying the pilots heard one of the windows in the cockpit crack.

While the plane turned back as a precaution, a spokesperson reportedly told the publication that the plane’s structural integrity wasn’t compromised by the cracked windshield.

The plane managed to land safely at Tullamarine airport in Melbourne and passengers were given accommodation until alternative flights could be organised.

Passengers on board the flight expressed their frustration on social media, questioning why the plane went all the way back to Melbourne rather than landing somewhere closer like Darwin.

However, the Daily Mail reports that Melbourne was the closest airport where necessary repairs could be made to the plane.