An Adelaide family has started an online petition in response to having a family member’s headstone removed from an Enfield cemetery for being “too offensive”.

Arthur Bridge’s son Peter died in April last year following a long battle with cystic fibrosis. His tombstone in Enfield Memorial Park featured a photograph of giving the middle finger to the person behind the camera.

The photograph was deemed too offensive for the park, leading to Bridge’s headstone being removed entirely.

Bridge’s petition claims that the family were not forewarned about the removal of the headstone. Bridge goes on to express his outrage at the decision.

“The picture of Peter is so small, you’d have to be standing right in front of it to even see it properly”, writes Bridge.

“If his picture did offend someone, why is it anyone’s problem but theirs? That is our sons personal resting space”, he continues.

The petition has received over 2,600 signatures at the time of writing.