Erin Molan’s absence from Channel Nine has been explained with the sports presenter confirming a recent injury has prevented her from returning to work. 

The presenter – and WSFM’s NRL correspondent – was fetching a bottle for her 16-month-old daughter when she fell down the stairs in her home, breaking her arm bone entirely off from her shoulder.

She was subsequently admitted to Sydney’s Prince of Wales Hospital for ten days.

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The injuries required immediate surgery, with sources claiming that Molan was only able to return this week after a slow recovery process in hospital.

Sports presenter Cam Williams addressed Erin’s absence last night, reading out an emotional message.

“Finally, our best wishes go out to Erin Molan,” Williams said.


“Erin has spent the past 10 days in hospital with bad breaks to her arm and hand after falling down stairs as she was getting a bottle.

“Thankfully she’s now resting at home.”

Host Peter Overton described Molan as “chirpy but very very sore” after speaking to her on Sunday.

We wish you a swift recovery, Erin!