Australia’s biggest theme park will next month shut down one of its most popular stomach-churning attractions.

Dreamworld‘s high-speed Tower of Terror on the Gold Coast will cease operations after November 3, The Courier-Mail reported.

The decision, which is expected to be confirmed on Thursday, comes a few years after the October 2016 deaths of four people on the park’s Thunder River Rapids Ride, which permanently closed in November that year.

The closure of the roller coaster, which boasts “several seconds of stomach-churning weightlessness”, is part of a plan by Dreamworld for new attractions at the site.

“Some of our old favourites have been retired to make way for these new experiences,” Dreamworld chief operating officer Greg Young told the Courier-Mail.

A 31-day inquest into the Dreamworld 2016 tragedy held last year has been completed but its findings are still to be released.


Dreamworld is owned by Ardent Leisure.