A new video produced by Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith sees him having another pop at supermarket giant ALDI.

Smith’s own food company closed down earlier this year, resulting in Smith laying the blame at companies like ALDI, accusing them of “extreme capitalism”

In this new attack on the German owned company, Smith claims ALDI employs too few Australians, is “highly secretive” and drains the country of wealth.

In the rambling eight-minute video, Smith accuses ALDI of taking business from local companies and urges shoppers to buy Australian.

Smith says ALDI was Australia’s lowest cost and most profitable supermarket chain — but only employed half as many staff as locally-owned retailers.

“We all love low prices but not so low that many of our young people can never have a proper full-time career or our farmers are forced into bankruptcy,” he said.

Mr Smith says ALDI originally sourced food in Australia but had since abandoned Australian farmers and producers.


Watch the full video below.

Dick Smith and Aldi Secrecy (08:21 mins) from Dick Smith Videos on Vimeo.

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