With roughly 38, 000 people getting tested over a 24 hour period between Sunday to Monday, NSW residents are taking COVID-19 very seriously…

So why are they being punished for doing the right thing?

NSW cops have been seen patrolling long queues of cars stuck in the stand-still lines to get tested over the last few days, handing out fines for phone use.

Some of these queues were estimated to be roughly 6 hours long!

Stories have emerged from Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs were people have reported losing 5 demerit points and receiving a $349 fine whilst in line to get tested in the morning.

The Daily Mail interviewed multiple anonymous sources, one who claimed to see multiple cops writing fines to motorists around her.

Another claimed she was approached by a cop who told her she was ‘lucky’ she was on her Kindle and not her phone.


“The line was right up the hill at North Bondi and I had already been in the line for two hours.”

“I would have understood if he was politely issuing a reminder but the whole situation seemed unfair.”

“Everyone is sick, they had been lining up for six hours on a Sunday. It just felt a bit cruel to be targeting motorists in a coronavirus queue.”

“Especially because everyone is doing the right thing, lining up to getting tested.”

Another woman interviewed stating she left early in the morning to avoid queues but still found herself stuck in line.

“I pulled up alongside the road waiting… we didn’t move for ages,” she told the publication.


“I think I even had my car off, my dog was sitting on my lap and I was playing with my phone.”

She received a tap on the window and a threat to get two fines, one for her phone and one for having a pet on her lap!

It is illegal to video call, text, email, photograph, use social media or browse the internet unless properly parked.

Phone calls, and audio and music functions are only allowed if device is mounted and can be used handsfree.

So the cops are within their right to issues fines, but in these unique circumstances shouldn’t a bit of flexibility be allowed?

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