Bob Katter, Member for Kennedy, in far north Queensland, has slammed Annastacia Palaszczuk, stating that she is sending Queensland into economic ruin after it was announced Brisbane would host the 2032 Olympic Games.

In response, Katter launched an ‘explosive protest’ where he blew up a makeshift ‘state economy’ to represent his distaste of the state hosting the Games.

“Premier Palaszczuk blows up Queensland’s economy with her Brisbane Olympics,” he captioned a video of him pushing down on TNT explosives.

“The Labor party don’t want coal or the sugar industry, so I’m not sure what will be funding her 2032 party?”

Katter has been public in his anger at Brisbane hosting the event, claiming it will drain money from regional areas of the state.


Other politicians who oppose the decision include Pauline Hanson and George Christensen, federal member for Dawson.