An Aussie trucker has pledged to take a week off work to drive water to drought-ravaged communities around the country.

“I can’t do much, but what I can do is I can drive a truck, and I can donate some time,” he said.

Mike ‘Mick’ Williams has a large social media following on his account ‘Oz Trucker’ and has asked for his following to help him.

“I’m throwing out the call, I want 100 other water guarders to come out there with me.”

In an interview on Sunrise today he said he was sick of the government’s inaction.

“I’m absolutely fed-up with looking at what’s going on in our country and everyone crying about it but no one actually doing anything,” he told Sunrise.

“I’m doing it to show the farmers someone cares, to give them a reason to keep trying.”


If you can help him out by donating trucks, drivers or money for fuel, get in touch over here.