Bali tourists could soon be jailed for up to a year if they’re caught having consensual sex outside of marriage.

Indonesia is poised to pass a new criminal code within the week.

The changes, include banning couples living together before marriage and insulting the president, will also apply to the 1.2 million Aussies who head to Bali every year.

Director of the Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society Tim Lindsey said the laws were “highly regressive” but questioned if they would actually be imposed.

“The extra marital sex provision is new to Indonesia, it will create huge problems for foreigners if it’s enforced, though Indonesia is awash with laws that are never enforced,” he told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“This also exposes foreigners to extortion. It would be easy for a police officer in Bali to say you aren’t married, you have to pay me. That’s a quite likely scenario.”

Human Rights Watch Indonesia researcher Andreas Harsono believes the laws will be passed.


“I hope I am wrong. We are lobbying multiple parties to try and stop this,” he said.