PedestrianTV wrote about this issue yesterday and it TRIGGERED a deep dark anger within us.

We’re all dealing with some sort of lockdown or COVID-19 restrictions or just a bit of displacement in life right now and the only thing that keeps most of us sane is… online shopping.

I know, it sounds ridiculous but for those of us spending day and night stuck inside a house, getting a parcel is a light at the end of a dark tunnel that is each week.

I don’t know about you, but personally, out of the four packages I expected delivered over the last month, three of them were not delivered and a ‘mail to collect’ card was left despite me being home the ENTIRE DAY!

Now, I’m not heartless, it’s a shocking time to be a postman.

It must be terrifying to be expected to knock on everyone’s door and deliver parcels not knowing whether they’re vaccinated or not, showing symptoms or not…

But Australia post has a 74 page COVIDSAFE Plan available to view online that is a summary of the actions they’ve put in place to keep both their workforce, their customers and the general community safe.


You can read it here.

If those practices are implemented, there is no explanation as to why I’m not getting my parcels, which by the way, we all pay shipping for… to the postal company.

The PedestrianTV published a vote on their own social media on whether their followers had experienced a similar situation and a crazy 83% of people responded that it was happening to them too!

So now we’re also doing a call out – have you experienced this?

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