A woman has taken her neighbours to the Supreme Court, demanding they stop cooking barbecues in their own backyard.

Massage therapist Cilla Carden from Perth has been locked in a legal battle with her neighbour Toan Vu (and his wife and children) since 2018.

The vegan claims that she is unable to go outside and enjoy her own backyard because she is immediately repulsed by the smell of fish from her neighbours cooking.

She has also slammed her neighbours for smoking outside, and for their children bouncing basketballs.

“They’ve put it there so I smell fish, all I can smell is fish,” she told 9News.

“It’s been devastating, it’s been turmoil, it’s been unrest, I haven’t been able to sleep.”


Daily Mail Australia also report that she demanded her neighbours to control the plants in their garden, repaint common fences and repay the cost of plants damaged on common property.

Neighbour Toan Vu has since removed the barbecue from his backyard, and banned his children from playing basketball.

A Supreme Court Judge and the State Administrative Tribunal have dismissed Carden’s case, and sided with her neighbours.

Her request to appeal the decision has been refused.