A Melbourne driver has celebrated as a dangerous Porsche driver copped their just desserts.

Dashcam footage captured the Porsche speeding down the left lane and cutting the driver off. Almost immediately after though, the Porsche bumps into a large truck while trying to overtake it.

“Yes! Yes!” the man in the car starts cheering and clapping before launching into a number of expletives we won’t reprint here.

The video was shared to the Dashcam Owners Australia Facebook group, with the caption, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes…” and has since received over 3000 reactions and 700 comments.

“I’m just happy for old mate being happy,” one commented.

“Hint to the Porsche owner…a left turn indicator does not mean ‘pass down my left side’.” another added.

“By the way, the video should get an award for the commentary.”


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