Well that didn’t last too long! Wet ’N’ Wild has only had a home in Sydney for a couple of years now after opening in December 2013 but now it’s already time to say goodbye.

While the water park itself will remain open, it will be under a completely new name after being purchased by Spanish theme park group Parques Reunidos from Village Roadshow last year.

The water park unveiled it’s new branding yesterday, posting an image of their new logo to Facebook and launching a new website under the name Raging Waters Sydney.

People instantly began commenting on the Facebook post. While some were excited to see the changes that this rebranding would bring to the park, others poked fun at the rather simple logo change.

“Did you make this logo using word art?” asked one user.

Another user posted a picture of the words ‘Raging Waters’ written on word art to demonstrate the comparison.

Although the water park appeared to find the quips amusing, replying sarcasticallyto the comment with, “Close.. but not close enough. We will inform you of any graphic design jobs that may appear in the future”.


The name Raging Waters is currently used by three other water parks in California owned by the same company and uses the same logo and colour scheme.

The new website appears to suggest that Raging Waters Sydney will reopen as the weather begins to heat up on 28th September 2019.

Similar to Wet ’N’ Wild’s original schedule, the park will be open on weekends until December and will then open daily during the peak Summer period.

It also boasts a brand new, first-of-it’s-kind slide named ‘Whirlwind’ which will be a thrilling 206-metres long.

You can check out the other improvements coming to the water park here!

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