In light of the massive fines that have been put in place for anyone not complying to the self-isolation rules, we’ve seen Sydney split in two.

Western Sydney’s malls, parks and public places are vacant and eerily empty as people have stayed at home and followed instructions.

Bondi however, the EPICENTRE of the virus, even after the Bondi Beach fiasco was seen to have people in groups on the beach, exercising on the grass.

The police even had to break up a hostel party in Kings Cross!

A COVID-19 testing clinic has had to be set up at Bondi Pavilion because so many people have been infected in the area.

The issue appears to be stemming from tourists and backpackers that aren’t following the rules.

It must be difficult to come here for a holiday and have it impacted like this, however how is it possible that by now, they’re still doing whatever they want?


Could this stem from classism?

It appears as though middle-to-low income earners are doing their best, perhaps to avoid fines, to follow the rules, and high income earners may feel rules don’t apply to them. We’ll never know.