This morning, Sydneysiders were left scratching their heads as they watched skywriting appear in our skies. It wrote ‘Eternity’. 

Reactions from Sydneysiders after the word unexpectedly appeared in the sky this morning ranged from complete surprise to disbelief, bringing back memories of ‘Eternity’ appearing on the Sydney Harbour Bridge as part of the 2000 millennium celebrations, with many people reflecting on more hopeful times.

‘Eternity’ was first written by Sydney personality, Arthur Stace, almost 90 years ago when our city was facing an uncertain future in the aftermath of the Great Depression and leading into to WW2.

In its heyday, ‘Eternity’ was a good news story. It caught Sydney and Australia by surprise and captured the imagination of newspaper editors, writers, artists and musicians. Today, as we find ourselves dealing with COVID-19, ‘Eternity’ continues to evoke positive emotions and is part of our national story – featuring in artworks, buildings, landmarks and businesses across Australia and around the world.

The skywriting is being organised by the Australian Television and Media Group, who are producing a documentary looking at the way ‘Eternity’ is still being used and embraced today.



Friday 5 June 2020


The best vantage points:
– Mrs Macquarie’s Chair
– Bradley’s Head
– Fort Dennison

‘Eternity’ will be written between approximately 3.00-3.10pm and will be visible drifting north east towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge for approximately 20 minutes.