Thousands have signed a petition against a new rule that will ban dogs on Sydney ferries unless they are in a carrier.

From July 1st, commuters will no longer be allowed to take their dog onto a Sydney ferry, even if it is on a leash or being carried. While that has always been a rule, it has not been enforced.

“From 1 July, Staff will be enforcing current NSW Passenger Transport Act and regulations,” signs read.

“All animals and pets must be in a carrier to travel on ferries and be under control at all times. Animals and pets on leashes will not be allowed. Staff have the right to refuse travel. Assistance animals are permitted to travel without a carrier.”

A Transport for NSW spokesperson has confirmed the enforcement, saying: “Dogs are not banned on ferries”.

They added, “When travelling on ferries, dogs must be in a box, basket or other container, unless they are an assistance animal. This is not a new policy but will be enforced from July 1.”


Fines of up to $550 can apply.

According to Mosman Councillor Simon Menzies, over 3000 people have signed a petition on his website against the enforcement, and he will now take the fight to State Parliament with an ePetition.

Head here for more information on travelling with pets on public transport in Sydney.

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