Our Instagram feeds might have been a bit dull recently while we’ve all been stuck at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, but this is about to change!

The exhibit described as the most instagrammable in the world that’s attracted the attention of some major celebs like Khloe Kardashian and Hilary Duff is about to reopen their doors in Sydney!

It’s called ‘Happy Place’ and you’ve probably heard of it before because it actually popped up in Sydney back in March. But of course, due to all of the lockdowns and restrictions they were forced to go on a momentary hiatus.

Not to worry though because ‘Happy Place’ will be reopening its famous doors at Broadway Sydney next month from Friday, 3 July – Sunday, 16 August 2020.

The exhibit is known as the world’s most instagrammable because it features larger-than-life whimsical installations and multi-sensory immersive rooms.

Here are just some of the picture perfect exhibits heading Down Under:
– The world’s largest confetti dome
– a giant rainbow with a jumpable ‘Pot of Happiness’
– six-foot-tall X’s and O’s surround by red lips


– A Rubber Ducky Bathtub

– A cookie room scented with the aroma of freshly backed chocolate chip cookies


– An Upside Down room that defies gravity
– A Super Bloom room, filled with 40,000 golden handmade flowers

And that’s just the beginning of it!

Happy Place returns to Sydney from Friday July 3 and you can grab your tickets here!