Several students at the University of New South Wales’ Kensington campus have allegedly been bitten by a fox on campus. 

University publication The Newsworthy reported that “at least three students have been bitten by foxes over the weekend in a sudden escalation of late-night hostilities.”

Liz Willer, a 20-year-old computer engineering student, reportedly reached out to pat the fox when she got bit.

“Silly me, [I] did pat him for a bit,” Willer wrote in a post to a UNSW Facebook group.

Another student, Gavin Wang, also reported being bitten on the same day, posting the footage to Reddit.

At least three foxes have been spotted on campus, but students have been urged to avoid them.

Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue volunteer Lara Schilling told the publication that fox bites aren’t out of the ordinary.


“Foxes generally avoid humans in the wild, but urban foxes have this badass kind of curiosity streak, so they might come up to sniff someone and they can bite,” she explained.

The students required a tetanus shot.

Watch the video above.

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