Your Summer plans are officially sorted!

Whether you’re a tourist looking for the perfect Sydney coastal experience or a local who just wants to bask in the beauty of our coastline, this walk is perfect for you!

A new coastal walk has opened up that links all of the existing coastal and harbour-side walking tracks between two of our most famous beaches, Bondi and Manly beach.

The entire walk is a whopping 80kms long, so unless you’re unbelievably fit, like a human Thor or something, we would certainly suggest you don’t do the whole thing at once.

But not to worry, you can plan your walk on the Bondi to Manly website, which will help separate your journey amongst a couple of days and will even help you find hotels to stay in along the way.

Some of the highlights that you’ll see along your way include Bondi Beach, Camp Cove and South Head, historic houses on the southern harbour shore, Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, Farm Cove, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, May Gibb’s Nutcote, Curlew Camp on Little Sirius Cove, Significant sites of Aboriginal culture and finally Manly Beach.

So grab your walking buddy and get ready for an active Summer!


You can find out all the details about the Bondi to Manly walk here!

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