Is it your turn to host this year’s footy grand final party? Well, with the big game fast approaching, we’ve compiled a checklist of everything you need to ensure the day is a success.

1. Drinks

This might seem obvious, but you’d be shocked at how many rookie errors can occur. A variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks chilled to optimum temperature is the perfect accompaniment to any footy game.

2. A working esky

Don’t risk missing the goal of the season by getting up to go to the fridge. A large – and working – esky is an essential element to any footy finals party.

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3. Food… and lots of it!


Admit it – good ol’ sausage rolls and party pies aren’t always going to satisfy the footy munchies. Try something different! HelloFresh’s Cheesy Beef Nachos with Homemade Chips & Avocado is a guaranteed winner for every party.

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4. A reliable (and big) TV

You’re going to need a TV that makes it seem like you’re really at the game. You know what they say – you can tell a lot about a man by the size of his TV. Oh, and most importantly – make sure it’s working.

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5. Strong garbage bags


Your mates are going to create a helluva lot of rubbish… there, we said it! Make sure you’re prepared so that clean-up, disposal and recycling are as painless and efficient as possible.

While we cannot guarantee your team will win, we can assure you that your footy finals party will gain you legendary status among your mates!

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