Dunno about you guys, but when I used to read ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books, I cheated.

After deciding which path I was going to take to determine my fate, I would keep my finger on the previous page, just in case I wasn’t happy with it and could make my way back.

Especially this one… oh man, what a wild ride:


Anyway, if you were a kid of the 80s, you were probably addicted to these interactive books, which are now being turned into board games.

Z-Man Games has released two games based on the series, Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger and Choose Your Own Adventure: War With the Evil Power Master.


Like the books, the games are meant to be a solo experience, using cards and a game board to manoeuvre around any threats, but players can team up.

Both games are on Amazon and they ship to Australia.

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