It seems, these days, that every day of the year is a ‘day’ for something. The hard part is picking what days to observe. Fortunately, the 29th of July is an easy pick. Every year since 1977, National Chicken Wing day has been held on the 29th of July, and what a great day it is.

The good news is, Pizza Hut understands the problem of the common folk – trying to keep track of thousands of ‘days’ a year, so their National Chicken Wing Day celebration is going ALL WEEK. Any wing type, sauce, or number, Pizza Hut will let you score it for $1 A Wing. One. Dollar. A. Wing.

Traditional, Seasoned, Spicy Boneless. 7 Sauces. 27 combinations of amazing chicken wings, it’s squaring up to be a good week for your tastebuds.

Nothing is quite as satisfying as the sensation of a well-marinated chicken wing, and people are so passionate about it that the “bone-in or boneless” chicken wing debate sparked hefty debate on Twitter.


Not sure where you stand on the debate? Maybe it’s time to head out and find out at your local Pizza Hut?

The $1 Wings offer runs all week until Sunday the 4th of August.