Okay, we’re not sure exactly where we stand on this one. I mean sure, clothes on dogs are always cute and you cannot argue that point at all.

On the other hand, dogs are kind of already dressed in clothes. It’s called their coat and it is designed to withstand the depths of winter in the coldest place.

In any case, that doesn’t stop us humans from making little dog versions of human clothes to dress up our furry friends.

And the latest sartorial development in the dog world? Dog crocs, obviously.

Now, we’re not sure in exactly which circumstances you would want to dress your dogs in crocs,

They’re available in four *ahem* stylish colours of light blue, bright pink, bright yellow and very, very bright green.

Right now it only looks as if they are available for smaller dogs of the world, but let’s be honest, that’s way cuter.


You can grab them off Amazon now for just $14.99 plus shipping, just don’t blame us when other dogs at the park want to beat up your dachshund.

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