Keen on turning your love of chips, pastries, pasta and other “beige” foods into some extra cash? This weird job could be your perfect side-hustle.

Having a controlled died can be a tough one. Trying to maintain a balance of calories in vs. calories out, while still feeling satisfied after each meal is a struggle few escape unscathed. Sometimes you feel it’d just be easier to give up and eat whatever you damn well please. If you’ve already taken the dive into eating habits your mother could only describe as “atrocious”, this job could be for you.

WeAreFeel, a multivitamin company in the UK, is looking for someone with that sort of diet, and is offering £5,000 (around $9000AUD) for you to keep your rubbish diet, with just a few changes to make it “beige”.

If you’re not familiar with “beige” foods, it’s exactly what it sounds like; foods that are beige. Things like chips, chicken, pasta, pastries, eggs, rice and pizza. Basically almost anything but fruits and vegetables. You’ll be paid a solid $9000 to keep to that diet, while testing Feel’s multivitamins, to supplement what you’re missing out on.


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It won’t be completely freeing, because you will have a team of nutritionists breathing down your neck to ensure you don’t mess with their experiment, but it sure would prove to your mother that an atrocious diet can get you somewhere.


The test sets out to prove whether Feel’s approach to multivitamins are effective outside the lab. Co-founder of Feel, Boris Hodakel, told The Sun “We want average members of the public to eat a version of the modern Western diet – under the watchful eye of a doctor and nutritionist – to see whether Feel is as good as we think it is, in the real world.”

Feel states on their website that they do not encourage replacing a healthy diet with vitamin supplements. Only candidates who already have poor diets will be considered.

According to LADbible, there are only 3 spots up for grabs, and since they’re a UK company, it’s unlikely we’re in with a shot over here in Australia, but hey, we can dream.

More information is available on WeAreFeel’s website.

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