Woolworths have scrapped their cashless store trials after customer feedback proved that Australians aren’t ready to give up traditional notes and coins just yet.

The supermarket giant introduced the trial in 14 Woolworths Metro stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane CBD areas in the hope it would make the shopping experience as “seamless as possible for busy inner-city customers.”

However, it did not go down well and after significant demand, Woolworths has shelved the idea.

“I refuse to shop at any of your card only places,” one shopper had once wrote on the supermarket’s Facebook page.

“Cash is legal tender and I do not support the cash ban and will take money elsewhere.”

Other social media users shared concerns that Australians who for whatever reason aren’t able to have a debit card would be disadvantaged by the changes if the trial were to be successful.

Other communities who might struggle with a change can include seniors who would prefer to continue using cash which they are more comfortable with.


The trial will officially end on March 10 with all stores to take cash again.

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