Woolworths will be changing the name of one of its packaged chicken products after a customer accused them of ‘cultural appropriation’. 

Macro’s Free Range Boomerang Chicken Wings will now be called ‘V-wings’.

“Hey Woolworths, what’s up with this unnecessary and disrespectful cultural appropriation? Surely ‘chicken wing’ would suffice?” a customer tweeted.

In response, the supermarket giant wrote: “The name of this particular Macro Free Range Chicken product refers to the particular cut of the chicken wing and is a commonly used description of this cut in the Poultry industry.

“Woolworths ranges a number of chicken wing products across a number of brands, and these are differentiated according to the type of wing cut.

They added, “For eg these can be called wingettes, nibbles, 3 joint wings, boomerang cut, etc. We hope that this information helps clear up any confusion.”

Daily Mail asked Woolworths to confirm whether they will be changing the name, and after “deliberation with the poultry team” the new name will be rolled out in the next few weeks.

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