Remember that time you were searching far and wide for a spot in the Woolies car park?

Just as you completed your third lap you couldn’t believe your luck when you saw a vacant spot.

You went to turn into YOUR park, only to be greeted with a self-important trolley, taking up what is YOUR parking space…

Yes, once again, someone’s negligence has lead you into a false sense of hope, and stripped away your right to convenience – It’s a sad story, even worse for the trolley collector…

We mutter under our breath, “what $#@*head leaves a trolley there!?”


It seems this time Woolworths has come to our aid! They’re aiming to fix the issue by starting kids early!


You can now buy a MINI SUPERMERKET TROLLEY! How fun!

Parents, the next part is up to you, get the kids to return the trolley to a designated spot, and lets make the ‘trolley dump & run’ a thing of the past!

But seriously, how cute are these trolleys from Woolies? I want one!

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