Sometimes you just have to vent your frustrations about your partner, and that is exactly what this woman had to do when she finally had enough of her husband’s toilet habit! 

A woman recently took to a popular Facebook group to talk about what her husband fails to do when he goes to the bathroom.

“What small thing does your partner do that really drives you nuts,” she asked her fellow members.

“For me, it’s the fact my husband NEVER changes the toilet paper roll. Instead, he leaves the empty tube on the holder and reaches down and starts using the next roll while it’s still on the tall holder below.

“It’s the easiest thing changing the toilet rolls because it just slides off the right side. There’s no clips or anything. Yet. HE. NEVER. DOES. IT!

“Fricken drives me nuts. Apparently one of the easiest ways to tell how considerate someone is, is whether they change over the toilet roll for the next person if they finish it. My husband is clearly an inconsiderate ass.” BAM!


Many readers sympathised with her, sharing their own issues with their partners.

“Mine does that too, he also never replaces the bag when taking out the trash (at least he took out the trash, I guess), or wipes off the counters after he makes something messy/slops/leaves crumbs,” one wrote.

“When he “cleans” the kitchen he will take everything off the counters and put it in the sink and doesn’t wipe the counters… we have a dishwasher why is it so hard to load it? Also why can’t he wipe the damn counter,” another added.


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