A video has surfaced of Woolies-branded juice being sold at Coles.

Over the weekend, @lucianne350 posted a two-part clip to TikTok from inside a Coles supermarket.

“I’m in Coles,” she says as she points out signage that shows she was, indeed, where she said she was.

She then quickly pans to some bottles of multivitamin juice on the shelf.

“And there is Woolworths juice, next to the Coles juice.”

“Woolworths juice… at Coles.”

@lucianne350Even coles knows Woolworths is superior ##woolworths ##coles ##juice ##fyp ##awkward♬ original sound – Luci Anne

The second clip responded to a question asking if the Woolworths juice would show up on the checkout receipt or would it scan as Coles-branded juice.

So, she gave it a whirl.

After scanning it at the self-checkout, the Woolies juice came up as ‘item not found’.

@lucianne350Reply to @shickson8719♬ original sound – Luci Anne


Someone commented that the juices were probably made at the same place and was probably packed into a Coles box by mistake.

While that may be, we like the conspiracy theory that Woolies is trying to passively assert dominance.

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