For many children, meeting Santa is an exciting event. However, for those with sensory process disorders like autism, an experience like this can be terrifying.

As a result, Westfield has launched its “Sensitive Santa” experience targeting children with sensory challenges.

“We’re offering a Sensitive Santa experience so that families can visit our Christmas wonderland and have their photo taken in a relaxed environment, tailored to children with sensitive needs,” a Westfield spokesperson says.

“These calm and comfortable photography sessions are run before stores open, when the centre is quieter, to create a relaxed and sensory-friendly Santa experience.

“With a booked time slot and no need to wait in a queue, families can take their time to enjoy their moment with Santa.”

Westfield has also produced a social story for parents to download, print and read to their children. The social story can help explain what your child should expect during their visit with Santa.