A wedding is one of the most important days in the lives of brides and grooms, which is why many couples choose to hire a photographer to memorialise the occasion. Yet even though there is a professional shutterbug snapping away shots of all the action at the nuptials, many guests still feel the need to whip out their phones and take some pictures themselves. Most think there is no harm in it but one wedding photographer is setting them straight in a Facebook rant that is going viral.

Hannah Stanley prides herself on capturing the important moments at her clients’ weddings, but during a recent one, a guest with a cell phone ruined it for her and she explained exactly what happened and why it never should’ve taken place. The post includes photos of the bride and her father walking down the aisle, but they are spoiled by a woman’s arms holding a phone out to take a pic.

In the caption, Hannah wrote,

“To the girl with the iPhone…
Not only did you ruin my shot, but you took this moment away from the groom, father of the bride, and the bride. What exactly do you plan on doing with that photo? Honestly. Are you going to print it out? Save it? Look at it everyday? No. You’re not. But my bride would have printed this photo, looked at it often and reminisced over this moment as her dad walked her down the aisle on her wedding day. But instead, you wanted to take a photo with your phone, blocking my view, and taking a photo that you will not use.

Hannah continued,

“Guests, please stop viewing weddings you attend through a screen but instead turn OFF your phone, and enjoy the ceremony. You are important to the bride and groom, you would not be attending the wedding otherwise. So please, let me do my job, and you just sit back, relax and enjoy this once in a lifetime moment.
Wedding photographers”


Thankfully, Hannah was still able to get the photo she needed. Hopefully, with her post going viral, more people will heed Hannah’s advice and leave their phones untouched at weddings so everyone can just enjoy the moment.

Article: Dave Basner

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