The historic Lachlan Valley Railway train has been attacked by vandals, costing the not-for-profit heritage society thousands of dollars in damage.

The community organisation runs tours across regional NSW, and were days away from relaunching their service when they were struck by vandals.

Among the trains is the one that transported former deputy prime minister Tim Fischer to his state funeral in 2019.

“The society has worked hard through the bushfires and COVID to keep the LVR going, to have this happen has been a real kick in the guts. These were the railmotors used to convey Tim Fischer to his State Funeral last year,” a spokesperson wrote.

“All three units (12, 24 and 25) has had several windows smashed, interiors trashed and damage to control areas. We currently do not know the cost of repair but it will be significant.”

Police are currently investigating, and have inspected the set for finger prints.


“Lets hope it leads to an identification of whoever was involved. Silver lining is that well over $4000 has been raised since the post yesterday. If you have donated we owe you a great deal of thanks on behalf of a grateful society,” they wrote.

You can learn more about the Lachlan Valley Railway here.