Recently, we received a message that really resonated with us.

Hi Jonesy & Amanda,

My name is Vicki and I would just like to fill you in briefly on the last month, I have just recently had both my husband and daughter in two different hospitals, and was travelling between both hospitals so I could see them. This as you can imagine took a huge toll on me and now I am sick with a throat infection. We have twins who are nearly 20 and our daughter has been sick most of her life and now has 15 medical conditions so as you can imagine hospital and Dr’s visits are the norm for us, due to this we rarely have a holiday and it would be nice if we could have just a night away somewhere if you could manage to help? Our son also has medical conditions but is working as an electrical apprentice. Unfortunately my husband was sacked just prior to 19 years in his job at the end of February. We had a really rough 2020 like most with a number of family deaths and even our beloved pet. We would love to just get a break for a while as we seem to have such bad luck.

I would really appreciate any help you may be able to offer us.

Hear our surprise for Vicki and her family:

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