You know how sometimes you see a lifehack and think: ‘how the heck have I not been doing this forever?’

A vacuuming lifehack shared on Facebook has changed the way we vacuum, and it’s so simple.

The video, which was shared to the Facebook Group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips explains how you can use a hairdryer to team up with your vacuum cleaner to get to hard-to-reach spots.

The lifehack: use a hairdryer to blow the dust and debris out of tricky spots AND THEN come past and suck it up with the vacuum.

It’s that simple. Too simple. We can’t believe we didn’t think of it!

People have been showing their love for the idea too, with comments on the original post recounting their success stories.

One user commented: “just blasted the hairdryer onto it to move all the dust and then vacuumed it all up. It’s genius.”


Another wrote: “My mind is blown, I’m so doing this on the weekend,” which sounds about as exciting as our weekend plans, to be honest.

Have you tried this? Are you making too big of a deal out of the lifehack?

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