Cadbury fans are being warned about a Facebook scam offering users a “free” chocolate hamper.

According to the Facebook post, “everyone who shares and comments in the next 24hrs will get a Cadbury Hamper delivered to their door” to celebrate the company’s 126th birthday.

Users are then asked to click a link to submit their entry.

Last month, the same scam was used in the UK, designed to trick Cadbury fans into divulging their personal information.

The Facebook page has been designed to look similar to the authentic Cadbury page, but fails to include an official blue tick verification.

Cadbury (the real account) has since responded to the scam, writing: “We advise everyone to be careful when engaging with any promotions of this nature from pages that don’t have an official blue tick verification.”


Remember – if something sounds too good to be true, it normally is.

To verify the legitimacy of a Facebook giveaway/competition, check that the brands page is verified with a blue tick, and doesn’t have grammatical/spelling errors.

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