Terrified of flying?! Well, Virgin Australia knows how to calm your nerves.

The airline is introducing a code on boarding passes that provides passengers with a sense of ease during their flight.

“The Nervous Flyers program allows us to connect with our passengers throughout a number of touchpoints during their journey. Whether it’s sharing breathing techniques from one of our expert partners or a video to help put passengers at ease about turbulence, we want our guests to know we care and we’re here to support them.”

According to Virgin Australia, more than 1 in 10 passengers have reported feeling nervous while flying.

“Our research tells us more than 11 per cent of our guests experience high levels of nervousness about travelling, and that they want information and support to help them through their next flight,” Virgin Australia’s acting chief operations officer, Stuart Aggs, said.

Next time you book your flight with Virgin, all you need to do is check the ‘Nervous Flyer’ box and you’re set! You’ll get dedicated information about anxiety, and flight attendants will ensure to check on you during the flight.