Since its launch in 2012, Uber has changed the way we travel and has caused a major shake up in the rideshare industry and more recently, food services.

Now, they are bringing something else to their line-up in Melbourne (and potentially Sydney)… e-bikes!

400 battery powered bicycles will land in Melbourne in March under the name Jump by Uber. They’ll cost $1 to unlock and then 30 cents per minute there after.

Melbourne has a history of people vandalising public bikes, and Uber simply won’t have it. If you are caught playing up with their property, they will BAN you from using their apps. We don’t need another oBike disaster.

“There is a responsibility on people in Melbourne to use these responsibly,” head of Jump ANZ Henry Greenacre said, “Look after them because this is a trial for us, it’s a trial for the cities and it’s a trial for Good Cycles. We all want to make this work.

“If we find people are misusing the bikes we’ll remove their access to the app. Not just Jump, but Uber Eats and Uber as well.”


You’ll only be able to use the bikes in the City of Melbourne, Yarra and Port Phillip Councils. If you go outside the boundaries you’ll be slapped with a $15 fine. The bikes are GPS tracked and you’ll be caught.

We’ll have to wait and see whether Sydney gets them too.

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