Having your flight rescheduled is usually a massive pain but for one traveller, it ended up being a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

New Yorker Vincent Peone ended up being the only passenger on his flight to Salt Lake City after another flight was grounded and he was given a choice of two alternative flights.

He got lucky.

“When I arrived at the gate, the tiny airport was completely empty so I approached the lady at the gate, who told me I would be the only passenger,” he told NBC News.

“She wasn’t sure there was a need to make an announcement, but I told her: ‘Oh please make the announcement’ and pulled out my phone.”

The flight attendant made the announcement.

“Will the only passenger on this flight please board at this time?”


Peone records himself being taken to the empty plane before capturing airport staff putting sandbags into the plane to make up for the lack of passengers.

He is then treated to his own personal safety announcement, and jokes with the pilot who welcomed Peone to his own private jet.

It’s estimated that the trip probably cost Delta Airlines about $30K but it’s understood that the airline went along with it as they had passengers to pick up in Salt Lake City.

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