With four cases now confirmed to be linked to the growing Northern Beaches cluster, attention has already turned to the state borders.

People are currently able to travel to all other states in Australia without restriction, with Western Australia only recently lifting their border restrictions with the rest of the nation.

However, the emergence of new cases of community transmission in NSW could have other states around the nation concerned.

News Corp is reporting that Queensland are planning on leaving their border with NSW open, despite the new cases.

However, Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan has notified the local media that he will be holding a press conference later today, sparking fears that the state could reintroduce border restrictions with NSW.


Throughout the pandemic, WA has implemented the nation’s most restrictive border rules, pointing to new cases of community transmission as a yardstick for lifting the borders.

WA recently reintroduced border restrictions with South Australia following the emergence of a new cluster, signalling that they will only lift the restrictions after the state had recorded 28 days without a new case of community transmission.

The state’s record could mean that it is planning on reintroducing border restrictions on those travelling from NSW in the lead up to Christmas.

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