We’ve all been stuck sitting next to someone on a long flight that you don’t know. Rejoice people! According to news.com.au, there’s a way you can make sure the seat beside you is empty.

I mean, you can always just book a business class flight for max comfort but if this is not an option for you, follow these handy tips.

When you’re booking a flight for you and someone else, instead of selecting the seats together, try booking them with a spare seat in the middle (book the window and aisle seats). Bit of a risk, but apparently, it works!?

Here’s why; people are more likely to avoid booking a middle seat, therefor leaving it empty – But on the odd chance, someone does book it, you can always ask nicely to swap with them.

If you’re travelling alone, try booking a window or aisle seat in a row where doing so just leaves the middle seat empty. 

We hope these handy tips work for you next time you fly.

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