Our domestic airlines are in the doghouse with Choice.

The consumer group has come up with a pretty damning list of ways passengers are being ripped off… and they’ve called on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to take action over what they say are ‘systematic breaches’ of the law.

1. No Refund Policy

Three our of four major domestic airlines have no refund policy across the board, contradicting consumer law which Choice says gives everyone the right to a refund.

2. Cancellation Fees & Surcharges

Local carriers charge cancellation fees of up to 100 per cent of the ticket.


Choice’s Director of Campaigns and Communications, Matt Levey, told the ABC it was harder for airlines to change fees, like excessive credit card surcharges.

“Even in recent days we’ve seen Jetstar reluctantly remove the pre-ticked boxes from its booking process,” he said.

3. No Accountability

Flights delayed or cancelled? Don’t expect any compensation. Choice were particularly concerned that passengers weren’t being offered fixed compensation – even if the delay or cancellation was within the airline’s control.


4. No Responsibility

Coming off that third point, Choice found that airlines were dodging responsibility to deliver flights on time despite charging like a wounded bull for peak times.

5. Credit Access

Choice said that passengers who are given credit on future flights are not being given access to that credit.


6. Ticket Voids

If you miss a leg of your flight, the rest of your tickets are voided, right? Choice isn’t happy about this, saying that these kinds of cancellations had been banned in Germany and Spain.

Source: ABC Online

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