Aussies flying to the USA with a valid passport could still be denied entry after a change in the country’s entry requirements.

Since the start of April, a strict change in the rules means that all travellers to the USA using the visa waiver scheme must have an integrated chip in their travel documents, an e-passport, or they won’t be allowed entry.

This week a British tourist on a family holiday to Florida fell foul of the new rules saying her holiday was ”ruined”.

Vic Ryan said on Facebook ”We saved long and hard for this holiday and filled in all the necessary online forms only to turn up at the check in desk and be told that I would not be allowed to travel.”

He continues to say ”I did not have a biometric passport whilst the rest of our passport had them. Despite calls to the USA from the lady on the check in desk, they would not permit travel.”

After spending over $1,000 on getting the issue sorted, he was finally allowed to travel 4 days later.

It’s probably time to check your passport is the latest version if you are set to travel to the USA!

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