Imagine jet setting around the world on an all-expenses paid holiday! This is the reality for 21-year-old Brissie girl Jessica who has just returned from a two-and-a-half week holiday in California. The holiday was funded by a complete stranger.

While it all sounds too good to be true, it turns out it might be. The 21-year-old singed up to website which pairs ‘attractive women’ with men who need travel companions *cough* sugar daddies *cough*.

While the website states there are no strings attached and the women are not obligated to sleep with their new travelling companions, many users report instances of being propositioned.

Jessica was drawn to the website after noticing a story about it on Facebook and says she was curious. She revealed to Daily Mail it took just 24 hours for her profile to be approved and the offers soon came flooding.

“Some people wanted to have a chat first, others would just say straight away – these are the dates and where I’m going, do you want to come?” she said.

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When it came to her first holiday, the Brissie local was not disappointed. She and her new travelling companion stayed at The Hilton in LA, then The Wynn in Vegas and on Ocean Drive in Miami. She insists they had separate rooms.


Her tips for being a successful holiday hunter is laying the rules on the line before embarking. She says she puts it ‘all on the table’ when she’s messages by a prospective traveller so they know what to expect.

The personal trainer said she had such a good time she’s looking forward to holiday number two and would recommend the site to women wanting to have a bit of fun, but warns it’s important to set the parameters with the men to ensure safety.

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