Both Qantas and Jetstar have revealed that International flights are coming back.

October 31st is the date set in our calendars, ironically also Halloween the spookiest day of the year, is the day we all can go overseas.

Why October? Apparently, that’s the scheduled date for when vaccine rollouts will be done.

The airline’s media release revealed that the flights will have limited capacity, obviously not running completely full.

Which is great news for passengers because you can fly in relative comfort rather than breathing in the body odour of your gross neighbour.

According to the release, flights won’t be running at full capacity until 2024, but Qantas will be flying to 22 out of their usual 25 international locations so it’s almost as good!

Good guy Qantas is also throwing in some flight flexibility if you book before April so what I’m hearing is I should book a holiday…

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