When you book into a hotel, no doubt you’re eager to kick off your eyes, lay on the bed, turn on the telly, steal the shampoo – and bask in the supreme air conditioning you don’t have to pay for.

Well, it turns out you could in fact be paying – with your health. A former hotel manager named Chris Johnston has opened up to Bustle, revealing that the air-conditioning unit in a hotel room is something you might want to avoid using during your stay, because it’s almost NEVER cleaned.

“One often overlooked source of … germs is the HVAC [heating, ventilation, and air conditioning] unit in the room,” he said.

“If hotel staff fail to clean the filters, or at least clean the top visible portion, simply turning on the unit can cause these particles to fill your room and your lungs.”

It is widely recommended hotels change the filter in the air-con unit every three months, though, this rarely happens.

Interestingly, air-conditioning and illness have been linked recently to a spate of flu in the United Arab Emirates, where air-conditioning is widely used. Also, drinking glasses might be worth skipping, too.

Of course we refer back to a video that made the rounds back in December, of a cleaners in two LUXURY hotels in China using a toilet brush to clean parts of a guest’s bathroom, including but not limited to the drinking cups and tea mugs.


The disgusting clips show workers at the five-star resorts using the toilet brush to clean cups, mugs and the bath tub before it is also used to scrub the loo.


Cleaners can then be seen dipping bath towels in the toilet and using them to clean the floor, as well as folding bed sheets on the floor and using hand towels to dry guests’ cups.

According to reports from Chinese media, the health planning commission in Harbin is investigating the matter and plans to penalise the hotels, if that gives you any comfort whatsoever.

Not really.


Source: news.com.au