If sunsets and cocktails are your idea of holiday bliss then you will not find better of either anywhere in the world that the Greek Island of Santorini! It’s the largest island in a volcanic caldera, which accounts for the azure waters and rocky landscape.

But just because it’s an island paradise doesn’t mean it’s lacking in things to see and do. From sampling the best local cuisine (and the best tomatoes in the world) to enjoying the new but flourishing wine produce, or grab a vespa and cruise around the many remote and secluded beaches or jump on a yacht and sail the nearby islands.

You won’t be short of accommodation options either with the landscsape dotted with some of the most photographed white stone villas on earth.

Oia is the best town to perch yourself for an evening spectacle of the skies, while my favourite beach is the aptly named Red Beach near Arkrotiri. The nearby seafood cafes nestled into the cliffs will have your mouth watering!

While some of the world’s most glamorous set will flock to Santorini’s shores each summer, the climate is welcoming almost year round for those in need of a dose of vitamin D and a tourism industry that will always open its doors to you.

By day Santorini seems un-rattled by the thousands of visiting cruise ship voyagers while by night the island locals know how to make the most of an open air bar with some of the most sultry tunes from Europe.

And if shopping is your thing then you’ll snap up a bargain with the local gold jewellery trade or the local art and craft stores, not to mention the sumptuous fabrics for sarongs, bath towels and artworks.


This is one island holiday to put on the bucket list! My big tip – don’t forget to pack your camera!




Rose Jacobs is the Lifestyle Channel’s Travel Expert on Foxtel and is the author of popular parenting travel blog poopypropeller.blogspot.com.au providing travel advice for parents daring to go abroad with their monsters beloved little darlings. @JacobsRosie

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